Friday, June 27, 2008

Attempts at the Roman Civilization Museum

Last week we had the opportunity to visit a Roman site of our choice at the expense of the school rather than personal and I chose the Roman Civilization Museum. After attempting to see the same museum the week before and failing due to an unforeseen early closing time I decided to give it one more try. This time I did my homework and I read my guidebook and I knew the last entry was at one in the afternoon and I even took the recommendation of the book to call and see if they were open on that particular day and they said they were. So after class I hurried to the metro and jumped a train to EUR then I rushed down American and up a side street to the museum. When I arrived, I couldn’t find the entrance. It didn’t seem like there were any open doors. When I finally found one that was just barely cracked I realized there was a glass door behind it that was locked. There happened to be a lady lying on the patio in front of the museum and she promptly informed me that the museum closed at 12:30 today. I quickly looked at my watch, 12:34. This couldn’t be serious. I tried to ask the lady why but she didn’t speak enough English and I didn’t speak enough Italian to understand what she was saying. So after taking some pictures of the beautiful structure I was turned away again with an upside down smile and a sad disposition. This was a museum that I had really wanted to see and it was seemingly just not meant to be. I guess I’ll have to see it next time I’m in Rome. :-)

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