Monday, June 23, 2008

Tiber River

I spent this weekend in Zurich, Switzerland and one of the first things you notice about Zurich (even from the sky as your plane is landing) is the huge lake in the middle of the city and the river flowing through it. As the taxi drove us to our hotel I noticed the river was a large part of the city just as the Tiber is a major part of Rome. The Limmat River flows out of the Zurich Lake and through the city center extending out into the suburbs. The water is clear as crystal and it is swimming hot spot. The fresh water allows for a delightful and free refreshing break on a hot Swiss day. On Lake Zurich there are several places to rent motor boats, paddle boats, and row boats as well as cruises and lake tours. The atmosphere around these two water bodies is exciting and full of family fun. It really gives off the Swiss atmosphere of an accepting, understanding, and happy culture. This was really fun for me to see and I wish Rome was more like this with the Tiber River, it would be great to be able to swim and boat in the river.

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