Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Restaurants on the Tiber River

Since the weather has been getting warmer little buildings have been popping up alongside the river. A man told me the other day that these are restaurants that open in the summer so people can enjoy a nice Roman meal by the Tiber. Every day there are a few more buildings than the day before and the river is almost completely lined (as you can see above) by upcoming restaurants that weren't there a week ago. Rome is the only city that I know of that would build restaurants in nice weather and tear them down again at the end of the summer. It seems like a huge step towards catering to the tourists and kudos to them for offering such a unique experience of Roman dining alongside one of it's most famous assets. I personally can't wait until this places are open for business and I can try them out for myself. You can look forward to hearing my experiences in the near future. :)

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