Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Termini to the Capitoline Museum

Begin at the North corner of the Termini Station. Directly across the street you will see Pal. Massimo Mus. Naz. Romano. You should turn left onto V. Cavour and follow it for thirteen blocks (again I'm counting blocks as intersections). Between block seven and eight you'll see Cavour on your left. At block thirteen, turn right onto V. dei Fori Imperiali. Then walk around the Victor Emanuele monument in a circular direction. When you see a grand staircase, walk up it, and you've reached your destination. The Capitoline Museum is full of ancient ruins and captivating Italian history. The museum holds some of the most famous and outstanding art in the world consisting of every different medium from painting and sculpting to metal statues. At the top of the museum you can take "The Grand Tour" and see miniature sculptures of many of the world's most valuable art pieces. The view from the museums rooftop cafe allows you to see Rome from a new and breathtaking perspective.

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