Friday, June 27, 2008

Wrapping Up a Summer in Rome

This is a blog dedicated to my personal experiences during my seven weeks of summer in Rome. You can find my adventures, my inquiries, my lessons learned and my advice throughout these pages. The three topics that I’ve focused on are the Pantheon (the single most amazing place in Rome – in my opinion); the heartbeat of Rome itself, Tiber River; and one of the pinnacles of Roman art, Putti. These are three topics that I chose when I arrived in Rome and have discussed, questioned, debated, and learned about throughout my entire stay in the Eternal City. I hope you’ve enjoyed (or begin to enjoy) my adventures and my stories all about these three very special things that are found (for the most part) only in Rome. My three topics were really personal for my interests and for my experiences of the city. I would encourage others who are visiting a city like Rome for an extended period of time to do something similar with a place or a theme and see how it changes, and use it to reflect upon how the city has changes you. As you'll notice in my most recent few blogs I've explained some of the ways that I see myself through these places and themes and how they've helped me learn and grow. It's funny how a city like Rome can't help but change people, it's like the wise old grandma (how fitting, the city of ancient ruins) that teaches you to appreciate the things you have and how to welcome the differences in others.

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