Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Before Boys' Town

When I began researching Boys' Town of Rome I made a very interesting discovery. Boys' Town is meant to be a place to assist troubled or underprivileged boys worldwide by offering them living arrangements, access to school or jobs and most especially to welcome them to a self-governed community consisting entirely of boys. The thing that I find interesting is that a parent or legal guardian must submit and admission form for the potential boy to be accepted to Boys' Town. What about the boys that need it most, that don't have parents, or family, or any legal guardian to submit the form on their behalf. Will they be denied? Are there special circumstances for these boys? What happens if a boy just shows up and tries to become a part of the city, will he be welcomed? I think this is a really interesting issue concerning the intent of the organization and I'm interested to learn more about it during our visit on Friday.

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